Augmented reality, not new but reaching its time!


Picture the super cool Iron Man viewfinder where he can see data or draw lines on the top of the image of the landscape as the background. That is the most massive concept of Augmented Reality (AR) I can think about. Imagine instead of the Iron Man suit, you take your ipad and use it as a portable window which allows you to see things imposible to find with the naked eye.

Go further! Make you iPad smaller and use it as a transparent mini-screen in front of you eye (Google Glass) to avoid holding the iPad all around the world like a crazy guy (or girl!) to see location based discounts or opportunities. All of this examples mixing real and a virtual environments to interact with both in ways we have not done so far.

AR is not a new concept, but I know that now – with mobile devices in so many hands- we are ready for it and the its use will be applied in marketing, sales, gaming, travel, education, design…, name it!

Maybe the next big change? Who will be ahead succesfully moving this through the “chasm” from early adopters to pragmatists and become rich out of it?

 I have my ideas, do you???

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