Remember the basics and keep learning

It has been a long time since the last post. Many many things have happened during this year, but those experiences have only made Twiiga stronger from the inside and ready to start all over again sharing all those changes, analysis and new thoughts.

This first new post will be very different to the previous ones, because it is about forgetting all the business strategy for a moment and take a look into the technology core, but questioning how much do we really understand it. I found myself thinking about it this afternoon while watching this video in TED , where Shimon Schocken talks about the Nand2Tetris Project.

This project is about building a functional computer starting from NAND gates to a functional computer. He talks about how much this project is able to open the eyes of people who thought understood computers and how self-learning change their life. I just felt inspired and so excited to get into this adventure. No grades, no money no fame in return, just learning.

Certainly, it looks like I do not have the time right now to build a new computer from scratch, but I remembered that this is what Twiiga was about when it started: A great excuse for self-learning, about what I love, every week and every day.

You too can start today, either with a complex NAND2Tetris project or a simple weekly reading from a source of your choice, is not important how as long as you JUST KEEP LEARNING.

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