The best Xmas presents!!! A Geek Wish-List

This post is a bit different from the rest because is not about strategy, is about Xmas wishes. During this time of the year, many of us finally have the opportunity to treat ourselves (or those we love) in return of a hard-work year. We were good kids and, at least once a year, we totally worth it. That is the reason why this time we will leave all the business concepts and strategy analysis on one side to talk just about what we have the craves for.

I think that the perfect gift is something that the recipient really really desires, but would not buy it himself (or herself). It is something that could or not be needed, but has to be wanted. Many many new technology products can fit perfectly in this category because they are nice toys without which definitely we can live, but are too cool to not want them!

For those reasons and according to that definition, here is Twiiga’s list of cool technology perfect Xmas presents.

Wheeme Massage Robot:

There are few things more enjoyable than a good massage, and this looks like a great alternative for that. It is a robot which rolls over your back, belly, legs (etc.) and gives a nice pampering massage sensation. It will press and caress without falling down. Saddly, it looks like is not available for this Xmas, but you can pre-order it for $45 and give the voucher as a gift to get it as soon as it is launched. If you are around las Vegas in early January, you can also go to the Wheeme’s CES booth to try it.

Tablets, tablets:

Tablets definitely became famous this year with the iPad. This is a great topic for many many blogs, but choosing it as a present is becoming a difficult task. A tablet is an extremely tempting option because it is one of the coolest products in the market right now, even when it is not really clear why would we need one. Lets say for now that is a great tool for easy content consumption and have the nice capacity of applications that will increase next year even more. For now… which one would you choose? To make a long story short for now: iPad is beautiful, popular, great size amazing offer of apps and compatible with those iTunes lists that have taken so much of our time to organise, however not the best hardware. Price in the US: between $499 and $829. Samsung Galaxy Tab (Android) is beautiful as well, great hardware including microSD slot, decent offer of apps and growing, but I am not sure about the smaller size. PlayBook from RIM looks amazing regarding the hardware including and HTML port. The compatibility with a Blackberry could be very useful if you have already one. However the apps offer is very limited. You can find more information about the differences among these here

Duracell Smart Power MyGrid Wireless Charger

This is a great gadget that solves the horrible problem of the awful wires in the desk or the night table. You just need to connect the pad to the power and connect a wireless attachment to each device such as mobiles or iPods to charge them. Its cost in the US is around $130. You can find more info in

A brand new Smartphone

The most popular brands have launched very sexy devices this year. RIM launched the new Blackberry Torch at $600 with the popular hardware keyboard and the super popular BBmessenger, both the strongest features of those mobiles. Nice Smartphone, but still missing a wider apps offer. Apple launched the iPhone 4 which is super nice nice hardware with finally a proper multitasking capacity, beautiful capacitive screen and the best apps offer in the market. The price is between $199 and $299. This year a huge Android system offer has arrived to the market with a diverse set of options from different manufacturers such as HTC Desire or EVO, Motorola DEXT or Samsung Galaxy, to mention just some of them. There are as many options and prices as tastes, access to a growing apps offer and a very dynamic operating system. It definitely does worth to check them.


Kinect arrived as a disruptive innovation to the video games scenario changing the future landscape of this indutry. Just as the Wii did some years ago, changing the expectations of interactivity with the games, xBox has launched an impressive system which improves the new experience beyond expectations. Kinect not only uses the great graphics, community features and on-line services of the xBox, but also changes the way users play. The user does not need a control of any kind, just the his/her body. Kinect has a camera which scans the body, recognises it and uses it’s movements to replicate them in the screen’s avatar. This is the future of gaming, and very probable, of the whole computing information input systems. If you already have an xBox, the Kinect costs around $150, or $350 in bundle with the xBox.


I just saw this gadget in some mall during my holidays and I loved it. Is a robot which is programmed to clean the floor without human assistance. You turn it on and it does all the work. Its base has to be plug to the power in some location of the room and the robot will leave the base whenever is programmed to sweep the floor, without falling through the stairs and bouncing when it finds a furniture or wall. It is just perfect for those homes where there is no one to clean the floors everyday. I just found the webpage in Spanish, but the videos there are pretty self explanatory about how it works. The cost in USD is around $400 and the videos are in

All these are great choices to spoil ourselves a bit this season or as special birthday presents all year long, but are as well products that have materialised needs and wants of the customers, becoming desire objects. We are all customers and potential users of technology products and services, therefore analysing what we like and how we could make our lifestyle easier or funnier, we can envision opportunities of future business successes.

Twiiga wishes you a great great Xmas and an extra happy new year!

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