Messages Service and its Critical Success Factors

The “Critical Success Factors” term is used in many different contexts. We will use them this time to define the characteristics which are necessary to make a service or product successful among the competition.

To depict very clear factors that affect competition among the players in the sector, arena, industry and market is not an easy task at all. Those have to be defined for today and future, according to the best available knowledge of the game and through the cooperation of a set of experts who share their experience.

The list could also be different for different geographies or segments, and it is very possible that the final list ends being very different from the first draft. However, the reward to all the work put in this task, will be a much better picture of where the product/company is and how does it fit with the opportunities that faces.

The first draft of the list of the Critical Success Factors (CSF) for a Messages service, such as that of Facebook, would be the list of “why?’” would we use a specific service instead of all the other alternatives we found in the Strategy Radar. What makes one or other substitute more convenient for different situations?

My first best bet (in random order) is:

  • Speed
  • Contact availability
  • Messages Storage
  • Sorting (labels, folders…)
  • Spam control
  • Accessibility
  • Security
  • All in one timeline (SMS, chat, mail…)
  • Search capability
  • Cost
  • Follow up (flags, stars…)
  • Replicable (forward, copy/paste, reply…)
  • Reliability
  • Time buffer

And of course it can be improved! So I want to ask you to share which change would you make to this list. Any other factor you would add? Any one you would not include? You can collaborate through the comments of this posts or the poll on the right and I will share the final list next week in a Strategy Canvas of the 10 most popular CSF.

Just think what is important for you and what would you like to have!


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