About Strategy, Technology and Evolution

The military definition of Strategy is described as the art and science of take action and utilise resources to reach specific objectives. To this end it is crucial to know and understand:

  • The enemy’s strength and positioning
  • The characteristics of the battleground
  • The nature of the arena
  • The strength and character of resources under command

In business the meaning of strategy is not really different, but is focused in the definition of what industry or markets to compete in and how to reach competitive advantage in them. The analysis, choice and implementation of the strategy will be close related to the paradigm of the company and its actions.

The Paradigm of a company is its most basic definition. Making simple a complex example: Is Google defined as a search engine, a cloud service provider or a information business? If Google is defined as a search engine, its business will ONLY be to search on customer’s demand and searching is the ONLY thing they do. If Google’s paradigm is to be a cloud service provider, they will offer on-line email, on-line documents, on-line calendars as well. However, if it is defined as an information business, they can go as far as Google analytics, Google TV, advertisement and all the things we know or maybe we are not even aware. Everything that has to do something with information.

The paradigm of a business can be as narrow or wide as wanted, and its definition will dictate how far away can the company diversify its products and services. It is extremely related with the company’s mission, vision, goals, objectives, strategic capabilities, strategy, tactics, business model and control.

Specially in the technology industry, the only constant is change. The business environment evolves all the time, and every time it does so faster and faster. That is why the Paradigm of every company in this industry will change over time, adjusting to the new landscape and challenges that it faces.

This blog is about analysing strategy, the technology industry and the constant evolution of both.

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